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Tingieterij Holland (Late Loch Tollenaar & Co BV) is the oldest - still working - traditional pewter foundry left in the Netherlands. All products are cast and finished by hand. Authentic bronze moulds are used the oldest of which dates from 1697.  Tingieterij Holland has an enormous range of pewter products for sale here, the largest to be found in the Netherlands.

Pewter has been made in the Netherlands since the Bronze Age (1900 BC) for the manufacture of utensils and weapons. Pewter is a silver-grey metal. It is soft, elastic and malleable. Nowadays pewter products are made with a minimum of 92% pewter topped up with antimony, (a silvery white metal to make the pewter harder), and eventually a little copper (to make it tougher), This alloy is known as Pewter, although in the Netherlands it is known as ‘tin’. All pewter products and alloys are guaranteed to be lead free and therefore safe for daily use.Pewter is tasteless and odorless en thus, functional. Drink some juice or beer out of a pewtercup or mug you will then realize how long your drink remains pleasantly cool.

So find out more about our traditional craft and our company by surfing our Website.

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