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Our company is a real family business. I am the third generation in the Blaauboer family to continue our family business. I am doing this together with my husband, Ronald. My parents, Erik and Carla, still help us in our business, too, and our 3 children, Naomi, Ilona and Ilse already help us on a regular basis.

Everyone has developed their own specialty in our company. I make mainly miniatures, jewelry and the rubber molds. My husband, Ronald, and I do the designing together. Sometimes we use gypsum, clay or modelling wax, other times we use modern technology to make an original such as 3D print. My father (Erik) still does the complex restorations and repairs of tin products. Together with my husband, Ronald, he makes the large products which are mostly cast in our collection of antique bronze molds. My mother (Carla) mainly works in the store and she does the purchasing together with me. She also helps to finish (e.g. polish) all small products. My husband, Ronald, takes care of the administration. He builds and maintains our website, he is responsible for ICT and the telephone system in our company. Besides, he is in charge of marketing and internal and external communications.

Our company has existed for more than 120 years (since 1898), so we know our products and their characteristics as noone else does. The number of pewter foundries in the Netherlands has fallen sharply in recent years. There are only 9 left that have to earn their living from the manufacture of pewter products. You can make so many products from pewter, and there are also so many techniques that can be applied that there is not one company in the Netherlands that has all the techniques or molds to make them in-house. Whereas 25 years ago we were still competitors, we now cooperate in great ways.

So if you have any questions about a pewter product, whether it already exists or you have an idea of what you would like to have, be it a repair or a restoration, or a question about who made something or how old a product is. Or if you wish to sell pewter or have it recycled. Simply contact us. We will be happy to consult with you to find the best solution for your question(s).

However, we never do appraisals. We do not have this expertise in-house because it is a completely different market. To do this, you really need to look for expertise elsewhere, for example from an antique dealer, or the pewter authority Jan Beekhuizen from the Dutch AVRO/TROS television program "Tussen Kunst & Kitch" (translated : "Between Art & Kitsch"). Mr Beekhuizen’s business is in Amsterdam. Sometimes the "Nederlandse Tin Vereniging" (Dutch Pewter Association) may be of assistance, too. Our company also is member of the Pewter Society. With 200 members and founded in 1918, one of the leading organisations with knowledge of old pewter. Website of the Pewter Society : www.pewtersociety.org

Enjoy your visit on our website,

Ingrid van Delden-Blaauboer

Tingieterij Holland | Pewter Foundry Holland
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