Casting Sand [Brussels Earth]

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Brussels earth [Casting Sand] is a yellow loam. In order to be able to work with Brussels Earth, so-called form cabinets are needed. These are often made of wood or metal, with the metal variants available in several shapes (rings, bottles, rectangular frames, etc.).  Depending on the original, a shape can be made in several ways. 

  • The sand is used dry,
  • The sand is moistened with water (or sugar water) until you can turn it into a ball that doesn't fall apart when you throw it up. Before you start casting, this mixture must dry on a natural way (don't force it, the chance that your casting will fail is many times greater) or,
  • You're using the lost wax method.

We don't work with Brussels Earth ourselves and can't give advice which method is best for you. However, there is a lot of information on the internet including videos on YouTube. We ourselves noticed that they do not always know the difference between Brussels Earth or Oil Bound Sands.

Oil-bound sand is already moist and gives good results when casting metals with a low melting point. Brussels Earth again gives better results with metals that have a high melting point.

Both variants are excellent for casting Tin.

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